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Diana Haddow

Senior Instructor: Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method

I joined the Pilates Canberra team back in 2015. I am a level 5 certified instructor with Romana's Pilates and a certified instructor with the Pilates Studio™. Both studios originated in New York the "home" of Authentic Pilates, where founder Joseph Pilates was based for the majority of his working life.

I began Pilates as the central form of rehabilitation for an injury in my neck. The dramatic success I achieved changed the way my body moved, my outlook on life and subsequently my career path. I left my corporate job and studied Pilates in Australia under the watchful eye of one of Pilates "Elder" Romana Kryzanoska and her Australian representative Cynthia Lochard.

The traditional training I undertook instilled the elements of flow and strength, and recovering from an injury fine-tuned my eye for understanding, detail and application. It is my intention to facilitate that clients gain the freedom, strength and healing that pilates can provide. This makes me a powerful and considered instructor. Although I have taught and trained all over the world, working with a victorious Brumbies Super 12 rugby union team will always be a personal highlight of my career so far.

After teaching pilates for 11 years, I began practicing power yoga, and I have studied Traditional Thai massage whilst living in Thailand. I am also a qualified personal trainer and a practitioner of Myofascial Release.

Regardless of your fitness level from international athlete to chronic pain injury rehabilitation, I know that considered commitment to gain strength and flexibility will add positively to your life.