Pilates Matwork & Barre Classes

Pilates Canberra provides a variety of excellent Pilates classes - some Mat classes are managed by Pilates Canberra and others through the Hale Gym and Spa, and instructed by Pilates Canberra Instructors holding a Diploma or Mat Pilates and/or a Barre qualification.

From our fantastic fusion classes of Pilates and Spin, Pilates and Barre, to Pilates strength classes, wake up morning mat class and Buff Bones classes for spinal and joint strength, and pure Matwork classes available in all levels, we’re confident you can find a class that not only suits your experience and goals, but you’ll also love (as much as we do)!

No prerequisite experience is required for those classes managed by the Hale Gym and Spa. The classes managed by the Pilates Canberra platforms require some experience and therefore please fill in the on-line medical screening form when booking in for the first time.