Getting Started with Pilates

New to Pilates?

Welcome! If you’ve never been to a Pilates studio before, then you’ll need to start with our Starter Pack, which consists of:

This pack will give you the foundations to progress to whichever Pilates class format you wish.


After you’ve completed your Starter Pack, you can choose from the following options. To help decide what’s best for you, please see our pages on:

  • Studio classes (60-min traditional Pilates classes using the larger equipment)

  • Reformer classes (45-min group classes using just the reformer, suitable for fit, healthy bods only)

  • Mat and Barre classes (a variety of classes held at Hale Gym)

Still not sure which is best for you? Not a problem. Please email the studio, and we’ll be happy to help guide you.

Booking a session for the first time

  1. Create a profile in our Booking system by clicking on the Login button and using your email address. A password will then be sent to you. The profile will include medical screening notes so we can prepare for your first session, so please fill it in as fully as possible.

  2. Purchase a Starter Pack for Studio sessions or a Reformer Class.

  3. Book into your first Studio session - look for a Private session if you are completing a Starter Pack.

  4. If you wish to start the Reformer classes, book into the Elementary Reformer and Back Care class held every Saturday at 11am. If you’re unable to attend this initial class then please book a Private class.

I’ve done Pilates before

If you’re coming from another Pilates studio, begin with one Private class. This will give us the opportunity to assess your needs and strengths, and also talk about your goals and what you’d like to get from your Pilates sessions.

Visiting Canberra

If you’re in Canberra for a brief time and have done Pilates before, you’re welcome to book into any type of class that’s familiar to you. If you’re visiting Canberra and have never done Pilates before, you will need to book a Private class. We look forward to meeting you!