Pilates Studio Sessions


Traditionally, Pilates classes encorporated only the larger equipment that Joe Pilates created, such as the Reformer, Cadillac and the Wunda Chair. This is what we call ‘Studio’ Pilates classes.

The larger Pilates specialist equipment was designed by Joe Pilates to work the muscles to increase their length under load, without negative impact on joints. This is done in a fully supportive environment that promotes symmetry and balance of muscles and increases control from the core musculature (abdominals, pelvic floor and intrinsic back muscles).

All Pilates apparatus (small and large) can be used in these sessions, with the appropriate equipment carefully selected by the instructor each session.

If you start Pilates to rehabilitate from an injury or condition, then we recommend you start with these larger equipment-based sessions. Likewise, if you’d like to increase your strength, we also recommend you start with these classes.


All studio classes run for 60 minutes with a variety of options:


Private Classes

Private Pilates classes offer the best opportunity for an instructor to guide you through programming, using ‘hands on’ techniques to help you to achieve your physical goals.

If you have an acute injury that requires 100% monitoring or feel you need individual and undivided attention, then Private classes are for you.


Duet Classes

Duet Pilates classes are perfect for partners, friends or people who wish to graduate in self-management from Private sessions but are not ready to step into a Semi-private setting.

Each person in a duet class has an individual program based on their physical requirements from Pilates. The instructor will provide ongoing feedback, support and progression with only slightly less individual attention than in a Private class.


Semi-Private Classes

Semi-private Pilates studio classes are small groups of up to four people working through their individual programs - guided by an instructor who maintains flow and progression of each client - with a little less ‘hands on’ time than is offered in a Duet or Private setting. These sessions are an excellent graduating step into Pilates sessions, requiring some self-management and understanding of Pilates concepts and repertoire.