Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer classes run for 45 minutes and offer a group format for learning Pilates with a maximum of six participants. The Reformers provide resistance for participants to work against and therefore, offer immediate strengthening benefits.

All participants perform the same exercises in a flowing format. Our skilled instructors offer progressions and/or modifications to participants, as they see fit, to provide an effective workout for each individual. Please note that reformer classes are for healthy participants only, and not recommended for those rehabilitating from injuries. Please refer to our Studio classes if this applies to you.

How to get started

If you’ve never done a Pilates reformer class before, you must begin with our Reformer Elementary and Back Care Class which currently runs at 11 am on Saturdays. If this time isn’t suitable, you may book in for a Private class. This is a 60-minute session which will teach you the foundations of Pilates, the mechanics and basics of being on a Reformer, and whatever else you may need before booking into the Reformer Fundamental classes. A Private class will also give you a taste of what Studio sessions are like, if you decide to take this option.

If you have done Reformer classes in our studio before, you may book into any Reformer class available. We look forward to seeing you!