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Jeni Williams

Senior Instructor: Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, Buff Bones Instructor, TAE

I have always been fit and have always been open to trying anything new. Following an extensive career in nursing and midwifery, specialising in Neonatal Intensive Care, I decided to have a change in direction.

After practicing Pilates for a number of years, I decided to study Pilates through PilatesITC completing the Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction and then went on to complete the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and Buff Bones Certificate. In 2018 I completed the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, which is the highest level of Pilates education available in Australia and around the world.

In 2019 I was invited to join the faculty of PilatesITC and completed the TAE in compliance of the Pilates industry regulations.

I enjoy working with all clients and assisting them to achieve their goals. I have a special interest in bone health and programs for clients who require more stability and balance.