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Megan Rogers

Senior Instructor: Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, TAE

I came to Pilates instruction from an office background. I had always enjoyed the method, having done various forms of Matwork Pilates off sporadically and in 2008 I decided to further my knowledge by undertaking the Diploma with Lanette at Pilates Canberra. It was through my study that my passion for Pilates grew and I knew that this was my career path.

Shortly after moving to Sydney in 2010, I left the office world to teach Pilates full time at Pilates International. While teaching is my passion, my government background and PR degree, lead me in the same year to add the role of Training Manager for PilatesITC. This gave me the opportunity to involved with the education of Pilates instructors and greater insight into the Pilates Method and application of Pilates exercises to address specific needs.

During my time with PilatesITC I worked closely with Lanette, a director of the company, and the company founder Sally Anderson who is recognised as one of the top practitioners in the industry. I also upgraded my qualification to the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method. To date I still work with Sally Anderson developing the accredited courses, continuing education programs and other resources for the Pilates industry. I returned to Canberra in 2016, after the birth of my second child, and back to Pilates Canberra.

As an instructor I always want my clients to feel stronger, move more freely, find balance and feel more connected with themselves. Everybody is different and have different needs, but Pilates is for everybody.