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Natalie Southwell

Senior Instructor: Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, Buff Bones Instructor, TAE

Pilates became an integral part of my life after debilitating pain had a significant impact on my work and family. It was part of the solution to ensuring a return to an active, enjoyable lifestyle that includes time with my gorgeous granddaughter.

I knew Pilates was going to be part of my ongoing health and wellbeing and with my love of teaching people of all ages, it was an obvious step to be an instructor.

In 2010, I completed my Matwork certification. In 2013, I completed my Diploma of Pilates to become a studio instructor. I have since furthered my knowledge with my Buff Bones Certification and in 2018, I completed my Advanced Diploma. I have completed my TAE in 2019 and joined the PilatesITC faculty to teach others becoming Pilates instructors.

Pilates inspires me: it focuses the mind and body to create movement that is functional, challenging and restorative. I love sharing with clients the journey on which Pilates takes the individual.