Sarah-Yvonne Prytula.jpg

Sarah-Yvonne Prytula

Diploma of Professional Pilates and Barre Attack Instructor

Having competed internationally as a figure skater for several years, I turned professional and experienced over ten years on the road performing in ice shows as a principal skater and aerialist. During this time I was fortunate to tour across several continents and aboard numerous cruise ships. Through this journey I realised the added benefits of Pilates within my personal fitness routine; where it gave me a better awareness of my body, made me stronger and ultimately assisted in preventing injuries.

In 2017, I gained a matwork certification through PilatesITC, and a certificate in Barre Attack as well. This year I’ve hung up the skates, trading the showgirl feathers for grippy socks, and joined Pilates Canberra and Hale Gym. I’m instructing both matwork and barre as well as studio clients. I’m excited and motivated by the opportunity to help others pursue in their fitness and wellbeing goals.